Facility Facility

What's Included?

  • You and your guests can enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted swim and party time.
  • As the party host, you're welcome to bring in food and snacks for your guests to enjoy. Two picnic tables are available for your use. (We recommend opening gifts and taking a snack/cake break halfway through the party so you can begin and end with swim time.)
  • You may invite up to 20 guests for your party. Lifeguard(s) will be provided.
  • Parents of non-swimmers are encouraged to come into the pool so that their children may enjoy the water too! (The limit of 20 guests will be increased to accommodate parents of non-swimmers.)
  • Our facility offers three outdoor pools, a misting system, changing rooms, showers, and access to a refrigerator. The primary swimming pool, heated to 90 - 92 degrees, has a sun cover with 98% UV protection over the shallow water. (Use of 1-meter springboards and trampoline also yours to enjoy, assuming strict adherence to our rules.)
  • Convenient parking at the school and on Carol Lane.

Availability and Costs

Sherman Swim School is available to rent for parties on Saturdays, and some Sundays, February through November, based on lifeguard availability. The cost to rent our facility for a two hour party is $350.

Reserving a Date

  • Call us at (925) 283-2100 to request a date. Allow us to verify that we have 2 lifeguards available on the weekend you prefer.
  • Once we confirm that the facility and lifeguards are available on your date, send us or drop off a non-refundable check deposit of $100, plus a signed copy of the Rental Agreement.

To look over or print out our Rental Agreement contract, click here.